Plein air painting is legal and welcome in most places around St. Augustine. However, the city restricts plein air painting in several tourist areas located in the downtown historic district. The map below has been provided to us by the city manager’s office, showing you the definitive places you are not allowed to paint:


  • St. George Street – North of Cathedral Place and St. George Street’s intersecting streets (Cuna Street, Hypolita Street, Treasury Street)
  • The city plaza and all the plaza sidewalks around King Street and Cathedral.
  • No blocking sidewalks or selling work anywhere downtown


You are allowed to paint in these desirable areas, but don’t block sidewalks or sell your art on the street:

  • Private property
  • The bayfront
  • Aviles Street
  • Spanish Street
  • South of the town plaza (South of King Street)
  • West of the town plaza
  • Square in front of the lightner museum
  • The Fort Castillo de san Marcos


See Map Below for the St. Augustine Historic district where Plein Air painting is prohibited. This is the definitive city map showing the areas marked in “blue” that are not allowed for painting at all (painters are considered “street performers” and are lumped into this map category).

City of St. Augustine Prohibited Areas for Plein Air Artists
City of St. Augustine Prohibited Areas for Plein Air Artists