Valarie Forrester

Mixed media – whimsical offerings in texture and color

Whimsical art by Valarie Forrester at Hubley Gallery

Valarie’s early training began at the University of Florida where she received a Bachelors of Art Education, graduating with honors and then later a Master of Arts. She worked for a number of years as a graphic artist at The Florida Museum of Natural History and wrote curriculum for the Harn Museum of Art during her many years as a teacher for the School Board of Alachua County. She has held many leadership roles in the field of Art education.

Whimsical Bird at Hubley GalleryNow living full-time in her home at the beaches of St. Augustine, her art work is a result of her explorations in a variety of media. Her current focus is on creating pieces that incorporate a variety of techniques into a unique and whimsical blend of textural, colorful assemblages with highlights in polymer clay.Fun art at Hubley Gallery

“I am a lifetime learner, constantly stretching and growing with my art. My hope is to impart an uplifting element to all of my creations.”